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Thanking Your Employees with a Corporate Party to Remember

Thanking Your Employees with a Corporate Party to Remember

private yacht rentals

To say that it has been challenging times for employees trying to navigate working from home is an understatement. For many, the better part of the past two years has been a juggling act of balancing work, life, and family obligations.

However, your staff and coworkers have pulled through it, accomplishing more, with less, than anyone thought possible, and now is the perfect time to show your appreciation.

With businesses returning to business as usual, employers have a great opportunity to make up for missed corporate events and holiday parties with a celebration intended to reward employees for their hard work while bringing teams back together again. And the best way to do it is with private yacht rentals in Vancouver BC.

A Perfect Day from Start to Finish

The typical corporate event is underwhelming, to say the least. And since many businesses will be celebrating with their first large gathering in a very long time, now is the time to pull out all the stops – which is easy to do as you sail away from the Coal Harbour Marina.

Greet your guests with a warm welcome and a beverage, and allow them to get comfortable on one of the many decks or indoor seating areas. Let the music, cocktails, and appetizers flow as employees enjoy reconnecting with co-workers they may not have seen beyond their computer screens in longer than they can remember.

End the night as warmly as it began with a speech or heartfelt toast before saying your goodbyes. You might even consider sending guests off with a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

A Dinner to Remember

When’s the last time you had a truly memorable dining experience, where the food, the atmosphere, and the company were all on point? With yacht rentals in Vancouver BC, you can get all that and more.

Catered cruises offer a wide variety of chef-prepared menu options, with no dietary restrictions or food preferences too challenging. Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian or vegan, sweets-loving or health-conscious, your catered cruise can prepare a mouth-watering dining experience to suit everyone’s needs.

As an added touch, elevate your dinner by including a wine pairing with the menu.

Signature Company Cocktails

What is a company party without cocktails? And what better way to make it an event to remember than by introducing your guests to a custom-created ‘Company Cocktail’? Sweet, sour, sparkly, or spicy, have bar staff mix a cocktail just for you. Who knows, you may just start the next drink trend.

Keep the Party Going Strong

On their own, yacht rentals in Vancouver BC are already an event to remember, but there’s no better way to get the party started and to keep it going than with some entertainment. The options are endless, but popular choices include music, dancing, wild themes, and yes, even karaoke.

Want to make sure all those photos end up somewhere they can be remembered, and possibly mocked, forever? Create a Facebook event page for your event and encourage guests to share their snaps from the evening. You can even offer a prize for the best (or craziest) photo from the night.

Yacht Rentals in Vancouver BC for Parties of All Sizes

From parties as small as just a few people to groups of up to 50, yacht rentals in Vancouver BC are a fun and affordable way to thank your employees for all their tireless hard work.

Set your business up for success in the new year by treating the people who studies have suggested help make it happen to an evening they will never forget.

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