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Make Your Next Get Together Memorable with a Dinner Cruise in Vancouver

Planning a family get together or a reunion after not being able to see extended family for over a year can be a huge undertaking. As the warm weather comes and Vancouver opens, families and friends can once again enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer. So, why not experience it in an air-conditioned, private, luxury yacht?

A great way to get all your loved ones together for an excellent night basking in the beauty of Vancouver is with a dinner cruise. Having a dinner cruise in Vancouver means eating delicious, high-quality food with a gorgeous view. Typically, a dinner cruise lasts a few hours, allowing for social time, dancing, and spending time together.

We have all been to a restaurant for dinner and have had an enjoyable evening with excellent food and company. What makes a dinner cruise in Vancouver so special is that it can turn an enjoyable evening into a memorable one. A dinner cruise Vancouver includes chef-prepared meals, full bar service, and Vancouver’s signature, breathtaking views.

As we slowly transition back to being able to see our extended families and friends, renting a private chartered yacht can make the reunion even more special. Your custom dinner cruise in Vancouver can accommodate up to 50 people and have enough room to comfortably socially distance while reconnecting.

This means that planning an enjoyable work event or family dinner is easy. A dinner cruise in Vancouver is not like a regular dinner out. With menu options to suit every lifestyle, diet, preferences, and budget, from pre-selected a-la-carte dinners to full buffets with your choice of beautifully prepared food, a dinner cruise can be customized to suit everyone’s needs and desires.

On a dinner cruise Vancouver, unlike a regular sit-down meal, you are free to explore, taking in the beautiful views on the deck, or lounging with a cocktail with friends; the luxury yacht is yours to explore. Dinner does not need to be rushed on a dinner cruise, so take the time to relax and fully enjoy a delicious meal, without worrying about social distancing measures or doing the dishes. It is all taken care of for you and your guests.

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Sailing from either downtown Vancouver or North Vancouver for an additional cost, with city views and the North Shore’s mountains surrounding the yacht, it is easy to enjoy the natural beauty of Vancouver, which is famous around the world. As the yacht travels up Howe Sound to the Indian Arm, sip on your favorite beverage and catch up with your loved ones. Enjoy an expertly prepared meal while looking at the spectacular Vancouver views, or sip an after-dinner coffee on the deck watching the sunset. Not only are the views incredible, but you may get a chance to see British Columbia’s oceanic life and spot a family of seals if you are lucky.

Experiencing Vancouver from the water on a luxury private yacht can be a once in a lifetime experience that you can arrange to fit you and your guests’ needs. The yacht is your oyster; a dinner cruise in Vancouver and yacht rental can host events from work dinners to weddings, to a much needed, mini family trip. The details are customizable and flexible.

From corporate events to small weddings, family affairs, or sightseeing trips, a dinner cruise in Vancouver will have something appealing for everyone. Due to the continued protective measures for COVID-19, groups of up to 50 can experience a beautiful evening together.

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