Guide to Private Boat Charters in Vancouver

Experience BC Your Way: Your Guide to Private Boat Charters in Vancouver

Experience BC Your Way: Your Guide to Private Boat Charters in Vancouver

Guide to Private Boat Charters in Vancouver

Whether you have lived in the city your whole life or are just visiting, planning an outing in Vancouver can be challenging simply because of an overwhelming abundance of choices. Throw in swarms of tourists and unpredictable traffic, and you may find yourself spending more time organizing than experiencing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Private yacht charters in Vancouver offer discerning guests the perfect opportunity to explore all that Vancouver has to offer, on their terms.

Exploring Vancouver by Sea

Given that Vancouver is almost entirely surrounded by water, it seems only logical that that’s the way it should be traveled. Private boat charters around Vancouver offer flexible itineraries to suit just about any taste and are affordable enough that it only feels like a luxury vacation.

So, what can you do with a private boat charter in Vancouver? A lot!

Plan a Day of Adventure

British Columbians are known for their adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. If these are passions that you share or want to explore, private boat charters in Vancouver are a great way to do it. From boat access only mountain biking around Deep Cove to ocean paddle boarding and kayaking or remote hiking, a private boat charter lets you indulge your inner adventurer without limits.

Enjoy a Sunset Dinner

If you prefer to take in the mountain ranges and ocean waves from the comfort of a well-appointed yacht deck with a crisp glass of wine in hand, a private boat charter is at your service. While dinner cruises are widely popular are in Vancouver, a private yacht rental allows you to elevate that experience and take it to the next level. Bring your own meals and beverages or arrange to have them prepared on board as your Capitan sails you and your guests around the coast.

Sightsee around the Burrard Inlet and Up Indian Arm

Take friends and family on a sightseeing adventure they will never forget as you travel up to the Indian Arm. Along the way, choose to stop at Granite Falls, a majestic 150 ft waterfall cascading down into a glacial fjord. While not guaranteed, it is not uncommon to be visited by sea otters as you make your way up the Arm.

Later in the day, take in awe-inspiring views as you travel around Burrard inlet, with vast ocean scapes to one side and beautiful city views to the other.

Explore Secret Swimming Spots

There is certainly no shortage of beaches around Vancouver; however, private beaches and swimming holes are another stories entirely. There are several secluded spots along Indian Arm that allow you to get your toes wet, very likely without having to see another person, aside from your guests, of course. Interested in a waterfront picnic? Jug Island offers fabulous swimming and a small, remote beach.

Check Out Bowen Island

Take to the open water and make the journey from one of Vancouver’s many harbours to picturesque Bowen Island. This boat-access-only community is only a short ride by boat from Vancouver, but there is a ton to see and do along the way. Pass by English Bay and the famed Stanley Park for a unique photo opportunity along the way.

Planning a Private Boat Charter in Vancouver

There is really nothing much to organizing private boat charters in Vancouver. You pick the boat, the day, and the time, and let your Captain take care of the rest. Your yacht will come with everything you need for your day of rest, relaxation, or adventure. These luxury vessels include comfortable sitting areas over multiple decks, both indoor and out. On sunny days, soak up the sun on deck or cool off indoors with air conditioning. Feeling tired? Your yacht will even have a space for you, or maybe your young kids, to wind down for a nap.

If you have an itinerary in mind, private yacht rentals offer the flexibility to choose your experience. If you prefer to sit back and let your Captain guide you, that’s perfectly fine as well.

When it comes to meals, private yacht charters allow you to choose the service level that fits your budget and lifestyle. Bring your own drinks, snacks, and meals to prepare in a fully stocked onboard kitchen, or opt to have your private boat charter catered.

Mountains, ocean, wildlife, and adventure, the West Coast truly has something for everyone – if you know where to look. And the best way to experience Vancouver is aboard private boat charters in Vancouver.

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