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You Don’t Need to Own a Yacht to Enjoy One

You Don’t Need to Own a Yacht to Enjoy One

private boat charter

Spending the day on a luxury yacht does not necessarily mean you have to own one. A private boat charter in Vancouver is an easy and affordable way to get the experience of spending a day seeing Vancouver from the ocean, without having to own and operate your own vessel.

Buying a boat and maintaining it is expensive; buying and owning a yacht is extremely expensive. With tax, the price of the boat, insurance, and docking fees, plus maintenance, owning a yacht is not all fun and games. Renting a yacht for a private boat charter in Vancouver, however, means that you can skip all the important, necessary, and expensive maintenance and planning, and enjoy the beautiful views that Vancouver has to offer.

A private boat charter is a personalized experience that is just right for you and your family, friends, or colleagues. A private boat charter in Vancouver can include food catering, decoration, DJ or band services, and a full-service bar.

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You can also customize the itinerary, to ensure that everyone in your party has a wonderful time onboard. Renting a boat for a day with a private boat charter can be a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle and heat that come with a West Coast summer. Spending the day on the water with excellent food, drinks, and company can make for an experience that you and your loved ones will never forget.

Corporate events, small weddings, family reunions and functions, business meetings, sightseeing groups, and more can all have a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience with a private boat charter in Vancouver.

Due to COVID-19, a maximum of 50 guests onboard per group is required, for everyone to have enough space to comfortably explore the boat inside and out. Whatever you are picturing when you think of a private boat charter in Vancouver is probably possible. Be it lounging in the sun on a private top deck drinking your favorite cocktail or sightseeing with your family in hopes of spotting a seal or two, both can happen in the same trip.

While good weather and seals cannot be promised, a good time is sure to be had. Your private boat charter in Vancouver comes with a delicious, expertly crafted meal, from the chef and staff who will be on board to help make your trip as relaxing for you as possible.

It is up to you whether to choose a pre-selected a la carte menu or to go buffet style, with several courses and options of your choosing. Any diet or lifestyle can be accommodated, as the food is catered and prepared to your specific needs.

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With multiple decks, seating both inside and outside, a full kitchen, and a dance floor, a private yacht is the perfect place to view Vancouver. The scenery is unbelievable, and you and your guests will walk away with one-of-a-kind memories. They don’t call it “beautiful British Columbia” just for the alliteration. Vancouver is truly a stunning city with superb views of the mountains, the ocean, and the coast.

The scenery as you cruise up the sound will include a waterfall and the possibility of seeing some seals. Your private chartered adventure will be manned by an experienced and knowledgeable captain, who knows the area intimately.

With the option of a catered meal, dedicated serving staff, beverage services, and set up and takedown services, you do not need to worry about a thing. Everything will be taken care of to ensure that you and your guests have a once in a lifetime experience.

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