Private Yacht Charters for Business Meetings

Make Your Next Work Event Memorable

Over the past year, how we work has changed. Working remotely became the norm and will continue to be the new normal for many workers. With some businesses going hybrid, and others switching to completely remote work, business meetings have transformed.

Having remote, online business meetings can mean struggling with technology. Delays, internet connectivity issues, and trying to cater to various internet skill levels can be annoying, stressful, and time-consuming. While in-person meetings are slowly starting to appear again, social distancing measures can mean that meeting rooms that used to fit 20 can now only fit 10.

Outdoor meetings can help with population issues, however, finding an outdoor space that has the right atmosphere and accommodations for large group meetings can be challenging. A private yacht charter in Vancouver may be the solution.

Private yacht charter in Vancouver is available for up to 50 people. Private yachts have to air-condition and are fully equipped with all of the necessary equipment to cook and prepare food and drink on board.

When hiring a private yacht charter in Vancouver, you can pick the menu, to ensure that everyone’s dietary needs are taken care of. With options of a la carte or buffet-style meals, there are options that fit any scenario.

A private yacht charter in Vancouver can be the perfect location to bring all your employees together. Unbelievable scenery, a gentle cruise up the sound, and an experienced captain who knows the route well will give you everything you need to create a memorable day trip for your staff and employees. With a boat stocked with expertly prepared food and alcohol if desired, work events do not have to be in stuffy offices with pizza for lunch.

Your private yacht charter in Vancouver comes with a full staff, dedicated serving staff during mealtimes, full drink service, and indoor and outdoor seating. Event set up and takedown services are also provided if needed, all you and your employees have to do is show up and enjoy the boat ride.

A private yacht charter in Vancouver is customizable, meaning you can tailor the day trip to suit your company’s needs. For smaller groups, rent a smaller yacht.

While a private yacht charter in Vancouver may seem dramatic for a meeting, it does not have to be. Online forums are now part of our office space and work life. However, for larger staff meetings such as full company meetings, celebrations, or end-of-year celebrations, a private yacht charter in Vancouver could be a memorable event.

With open spacious rooms and huge windows, take in British Columbia’s scenic and breathtaking views. While perfect weather and marine life cannot be guaranteed, a waterfall and breathtaking views of mountains can be.

Corporate events, business meetings, and one-of-a-kind experiences can all be done in a few hours. Everything is taken care of for you and your employees as soon as you board. Set up and take down food services, and cleaning are all done by a full staff, with the option of a chef and kitchen staff on board to prepare fresh, gourmet meals.

Any dietary restrictions can be taken into account when planning your private yacht charter in Vancouver. Full drink service can be included, either during the event or after the official work is done for the day.

With a dance floor, the option for a band or DJ, and the ability to socially distance safely while still seeing your coworkers, a private yacht charter in Vancouver can make your next work function memorable.

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Need a smaller boat?

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