Dinner Cruise in Vancouver

What Makes a Dinner Cruise in Vancouver so Special?

We’ve all been to a restaurant for dinner, and chances are we have all been on a boat, however what makes a dinner cruise in Vancouver so special is the ability to combine both into an unforgettable experience. With chef prepared meals, a full bar serving up all your favourite alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, and exquisite views you can’t get anywhere else, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to experience beautiful BC with a dinner cruise.

The pandemic has altered our normal way of life in just about every way imaginable, however being the adaptable beings that we are, we have forged ahead and found new ways to continue to do the things we love. Dinner cruises are no exception; to accommodate small group sizes and social distancing, you can now rent your own private yacht in Vancouver for group sizes of up to 50 people. That means you can plan a day or evening with friends, family, or clients with no worry.

A dinner cruise is not your typical dining experience, however, you still have the full benefit of meticulously crafted chef-prepared meals, with menu options to suit every taste and budget. From pre-selected a-la-carte dinner options to a full buffet laid out with carefully chosen options guaranteed to satisfy, you and your guests will delight in a dining experience unlike any other. Unlike a traditional sit-down meal, where you are restricted to your seat, on a private dinner cruise in Vancouver you are free to wander around the luxury yacht at your leisure. Sip your favourite beverage and enjoy an appetizer, while travelling to any of the decks or seating areas you desire. Take your time enjoying the food, the views, and the company.

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Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and with a dinner cruise aboard a private luxury yacht, you can experience the city in a way many have not yet been able to. Sailing from downtown Vancouver, you will be able to enjoy city views on one side, with the North Shore Mountains framing the other. Travelling up Howe Sound to the Indian Arm, there will be no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to revel in. The only thing that can make this experience more magical is being able to enjoy good food, good company, and a glass of wine while you take it all in.

Surprise yourself and your guests with a one-of-a-kind dining event aboard a dinner cruise in Vancouver.

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